PA12 (Polyamide 12, nylon 12)

Formula chimica PA12

Polyamide 12 or nylon 12 (PA12) is an excellent electrical insulator and is less sensitive to humidity than other polyamides. PA12 is characterized by a good level of resilience and resistance to many chemical products, and is extensively modified with plasticizers and reinforcements. Nylon 12 has the lowest water absorption value, and is easier to process, but possesses inferior mechanical properties compared to PA6 and PA66.

PA12 Chemical formula: [(CH2)11C(O)NH]n
CAS number PA12: 947-04-6
Chemical Name PA12 (IUPAC): poly[imino(1-oxododecane-1,12-diyl)]
Recycling Code PA12: number 7
Chemical Symbol PA12: simbolo riciclo PA12

PA12 commercial names and producers:


  • Cristamid (Arkema)
  • Gebamid (Geba)
  • Grilamid (EMS)
  • HiFill (Techmer Polymer)
  • Electrafil (Techmer Polymer)
  • Radilon (Radici)
  • Rilsamid (Arkema)
  • Ubesta (UBE)

PA12 European Distributors


  • Schulman (Network Polymers)
  • Mega Polymers (Evatene)
  • PolyOne (Gravi-tech, OnForce LFT, Rilsamid, Trilliant)
  • Biesterfield (Zytel)
  • Nexeo (HiFill, Lubricomp, Vestamid, Thermocomp)
  • Ultrapolymers (Laticonther, Latigray, Latilub, Latimass, Latiohm, Latistat, Latamid, Lubricomp, STAT-KON)

Main compounds with PA12:


  • PA12-GF15 (Polyamide 12 with 15% fibre glass)

Chemical and physical properties PA12:

Before processing, it is necessary to reduce the moisture content below 0.1% (<100 ppm). PA12 is a semicrystalline-crystalline linear thermoplastic material derived from butadiene. The properties of PA12 and PA11 are similar, but PA12 has a different crystalline structure. The water content, temperature and residence time determine its viscosity.

PA12 standard density: 1,02 g/cm3 (ISO 1183)
PA12 melting temperature Tm: 180 °C
PA12 glass transition temperature Tg: 55 °C


PA12 market applications


  • Automotive
  • Connectors
  • Electrical material
  • Film
  • Consumer goods and industry
  • Medical
  • Engineering
  • Plumbing and pneumatics

PA12 transformation technologies


  • Elettro spinning
  • Extrusion
  • Injection molding

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PA12-GF23 polyamide (nylon) 12


AGIMID 2152 B00
granule/pellet Black 6000 Kg octabin 1.48 €/Kg


PA12 polyamide (nylon) 12


granule/pellet Natural / Neutral 400 Kg octabin 5.45 €/Kg


PA12-GF23 polyamide (nylon) 12

AGIMID 2152 B00

6000 Kg 1.48 €/Kg


PA12 polyamide (nylon) 12


400 Kg 5.45 €/Kg