HDPE (High density polyethylene)


High density polyethylene is a thermoplastic polymer belonging to the Polyolefin family. It is produced from the polymerisation of ethylene and is one of the most used and manufactured polymers, constituting the largest proportion of worldwide polymer consumption. Its technical characteristics strongly depend on its molecular weight, the degree of clarity and the distribution of molecular weights. Polyethylene is used in different densities, the lowest being LDPE, the medium MDPE and the high HDPE.

Chemical Formula HDPE: (C2H4)n
CAS Number PE: 9002-88-4
Chemical Name PE (IUPAC): high-density polyethylene

HDPE commercial names and producers:


  • Borpure (Borealis)
  • Stamylan (Sabic)
  • Alathon (Equistar)
  • Alcudia (Repsol)
  • Attane (DOW)
  • Borealis PE (Borealis)
  • Borstar (Borealis)
  • Clearflex (Versalis S.p.A)
  • Eltex (Ineos Polyolefines)
  • Eraclene (Versalis S.p.A)
  • Escorene (Exxon Mobil)
  • Alastian (LyondellBasell)
  • Hostalen (LyondellBasell)
  • Lupolen (LyondellBasell)
  • Lutene (LG chemical)
  • Liten HDPE (Unipetrol)
  • Petrothene (LyondellBasell)
  • Purell (LyondellBasell)
  • Rigidex (Ineos Polyolefines)
  • SURPASS (NovaChem)
  • Braskem PE (Braskem)
  • Total PE (Total Petrolchemicals)

HDPE European Distributors:


  • BIGLER (Total HDPE)
  • Schulman (Network polymers, Accutech, Accucomp)
  • Mega Polymers (Borsafe, Borstar, Eltex, ExxonMobil HD, Hostalen, Liten, Lupolen, Marlex, Novatec, Purell, Rigidex, Vestolen)
  • PolyOne (DOWLEX, DOW HDPE, Edgetek, Fusabond, Marlex, Maxxam, RheTech, Stat-Tech, Westlake)
  • ALBIS (Altech, histif, Hostalen, Lupolen, Petrothene, Purell, Hostalen)
  • Interpolimeri (ExxonMobil HD)
  • Biesterfield (Rigidex)
  • Nexeo (Alathon, Bormed, Braskem, Electrafil, HiFill, Microthene, NOVAPOL, Petrothene, Plaslube, Purell, SABIC HDPE, SABIC Vestolen, SCLAIR, )
  • RESINEX (DOW Endurance, DOW HDPE, Ravalene)
  • Ultrapolymers (Llatilub, Latistat, LUVOCOM, Purell, Histif, Hostalen, Lupolen, Ravalene, Ultrapolymers)
  • TER Plastics (Marlex, TOTAL PE)

Main compounds of HDPE:


  • High Density Polyethylene with anti-oxidant agents
  • High Density Polyethylene with UV stabilisers
  • HDPE-T20 (High Density Polyethylene with 20% talc)
  • HDPE-GF15 (High Density Polyethylene with 15% fibre glass)

Chemical and Physical Properties:

HDPE is a tasteless, odourless and non-toxic polymer and is therefore ideal for contact with foodstuffs. Its low density grade offers a higher traction, a greater melting point and an elevated chemical resistance. It does not require drying. If exposed to direct solar irradiation it can exhibit embrittlement and solubility in hydrocarbons at a temperature greater than 60°C.

HDPE standard density: 0,94 g/cm3 (ISO 1183)
HDPE Melting point Tm: 125-135 °C
HDPE Glass Transition Temperature Tg: -130 °C


HDPE application markets


  • Chemical industry components
  • containers
  • piping
  • detergent bottles
  • fuel tanks
  • construction
  • bottle tops
  • plastic bags
  • milk bottles

HDPE transformation technologies


  • Injection moulding
  • Extrusion
  • Blow moulding

Difference between HDPE e MDPE:

With a density of between 0,926 g/cm e 0,94 g/cm, MDPE has a very high chemical resistance like HDPE. It has however a much higher Stress Cracking resistance (ESC) than HDPE. MDPE is used above all in the production of gas pipes, packaging and bags.

Differences in density between the various types of PE:

LDPE: density between 0,91 g/cm and 0,925 g/cm
MDPE: density between 0,926 g/cm and 0,94 g/cm
HDPE: density between 0,94 g/cm and 0,965 g/cm


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(PE-HD) high density polyethylene PE


ExxonMobil HDPE HMA 016
granule/pellet Natural / Neutral 20000 Kg bags on pallet 1.94 €/Kg


(PE-HD) high density polyethylene PE


Marlex HHM 5502BN
granule/pellet Natural / Neutral 20000 Kg bags on pallet 1.95 €/Kg


(PE-HD) high density polyethylene PE

ExxonMobil HDPE HMA 016

20000 Kg 1.94 €/Kg


(PE-HD) high density polyethylene PE

Marlex HHM 5502BN

20000 Kg 1.95 €/Kg