Economic conditions


Registration is completely FREE.

The ancillary costs of the service (transport, bank fee and PlasticFinder fee) are completely transparent and visible when entering or purchasing a new product (directly on-line or communicated by email).
The sales prices must be considered definitive and are not open to negotiation.


If you are a seller

PlasticFinder obtains a success fee only in the case of positive completion of the transaction.
The percentage retained by PlasticFinder is paid by the seller, and varies from 2% to 15% depending on product type (Commodity-Speciality), product quality and batch size.

The exact percentage retained by PlasticFinder is shown during the completion of every new "Product Sheet".


If you are a buyer

The system tells you the price of the goods (excluding VAT) EXW at the sales point.
Transportation costs, highlighted transparently during the purchase process, will be covered by the buyer.

For certain transactions specific bank fees may be applied. In such cases, these fees will be clearly highlighted in the cost items of the transaction.